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Tanzanite Technologies, Inc is a rapidly growing product development, software consulting and outsourcing company in California. We specialize in product development, consulting and offshore software outsourcing services. We have a solid team of software development and outsourcing professionals along with coordinates from various backgrounds. Our creative, experienced consultants possess a wide range of product design and development skills.

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Tanzanite DevOps


We can help accelerate your software delivery chain by allowing you to adapt to an agile methodology through our guided DevOps initiative. Our market-proven consulting experts excel in leveraging the entire universe of the DevOps methodology and transform your IT value creation through streamlining your IT lifecycle. We create a road map and set you up with the right monitoring tools for cloud platform management.

Tanzanite Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Our innovative and unique services can help you to stay connected to storage and services wherever you are. Our cloud computing services are not just reliable and affordable but also adaptable to accommodate your growing needs as they occur. We are well-equipped to provide an impetus for productivity improvisations and propel your business to the next level.

Tanzanite Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Tanzanite solutions can help you with big data solutions to improve the business’s success and enable you to generate new revenue streams. Our ability to transform IT infrastructure and implement a Big Data platform that captures, stores, and leverages data-driven insights in real-time. Since we are fully equipped to keep pace with the technological advancements and the evolution of the data analytics landscape, we can meet your company’s diverse analytical needs(including the need for advanced analytics).

Tanzanite AI

Artificial Intelligence

We have profound experience in consulting, implementing, and integrating AI solutions; we offer application development, cognitive integration, intelligent platform architecture, and AI customization. Tanzanite Solutions can build and customize AI-driven systems either on a turnkey basis or as a remote partner to your in-house team at any project stage.

Our Solutions

Transform Business with Innovative Solutions

We help you by building, managing, and transforming applications to meet challenges in ever-changing business landscapes. We can also enhance the efficiency of your processes and user experience, thus reshaping your company's outlook for the better. We offer both onsite/offsite model and onsite/offsite-offshore model.

With the help of a 24/7 recruiting engine and superior work culture, our time-to-fill ratio is 50% less than the industry average.

Our expert analyst will provide you the exact solution for your e-commerce development requirements. We can assist you through our expert web design services, be it the static or dynamic Content Management System(CMS) you are looking for.


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Java Full Stack
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QA Automation Testing
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Tanzanite Careers
IT Helpdesk specialist
Nationwide, USA

The successful candidate must have the experience with Microsoft server configurations, exchange server. Candidate will help on the day-to-day IT issues for the clients — employees.

Tanzanite Careers
HTML/CSS Production Specialist
Nationwide, USA

The successful Web production specialist must possess top notch HTML and CSS production skills and be proficient with the most widely used tools for Web design. He will be working with one of our client front-design development. Specialist must be able to work independently on prototyping, mockups and design. Must posses the excellent java scripting knowledge under different browser environments.

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